Rising Waters

This is a project examining the rising sea levels using Williamstown tidal information from the National Tide Centre and the projected mean sea level rises if carbon levels remain unabated for the year 2100. Using information form the IPCC 5th report, the dark blue are the current levels for 2017 and the lighter blue, physically showing global increases. The markers visually reveal the potential increases to sea water, making a global and predominantly unseen process of gradual increases visible and at a human scale.

This work is part of a studio residency that I have at Lab 14 Carlton Connect from Jan-April 2017. The markers will be located around Melbourne in cafes, schools, libraries and in private and public spaces to initiate conversation about climate change and the potential impacts not only to humans but to the whole planet. These potential increases do not take into account any major shifts in the ice sheets of Greenland or Antarctica, nor do they reflect high wave heights or the height of extreme weather events.

My studio will be open on Sunday 30 April from 3-5pm, Lab 14,  Carlton Connect, enter from Swanston St. Hope to see you there.

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